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Blue Notifier


This app provides enhanced experience on Android Wear to users of the CamSam / / Plus app.Currently shows only standard notifications on connected Android Wear devices. This app detects those notifications on your phone, forwards them to your Android Wear device and triggers a short vibration when a new notification is detected.
1.Open Blue Notifier once and allow it to read notifications2.Configure to show extended warning in notification bar (Settings -> Warnings)3.Send to the background by switching to the home screenNow notifications from should be appearing on your Android Wear device.
Please note that this app is provided "as-is" without any warranty. It is not affiliated with and could potentially break when ever there is an update to
Do not use this app while driving a car - stay safe!
This app relies on Google Analytics to collect anonymous app usage statistics. You can always opt-out from the settings screen if you choose to do so. Google Analytics is a web analysis service provided by Google. Googles policies apply and may change without further notice. See here for details: